Living Systems
Living Systems

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Thriving soils, growing communities.

Living Systems began...

In February 2021, after a conversation between Jono Frew (a regenerative farming coach) and Dan Regtien (an independent farm planning consultant). Jono and Dan's vision was to enable quicker and wider community connections to take place in a secure, ad-free environment, centred around the subject of regenerative food production. Just like a mycelial fungi network! 

Joining us gives you:

  • Smartly presented content organised into Topics with excellent searching ability, so the nutrient you are looking for can't hide.
  • Ability to easily contribute to the network, either through the Mighty Networks app or web platform.
  • A space where all members can be authentic and where differing perspectives are encouraged.
  • A beautiful events management system including calendar synching and a well updated display of nationwide events concerning regenerative living.
  • A fantastic system of sub-networks called 'Branches', where local discussion groups can communicate privately and organise events. Also, Branches can form based on interest groups of your own design!   
  • A growing selection of premium Courses to learn about subjects relating to regenerative agriculture.
  • Access to knowledge and nutrients from far wider than your own roots reach.


For your attention and interest.

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